Monday, March 31, 2008

being here and not being here

hola readers, listeners, perusers, friends, foreigners ...

baby had her march in sydney but was very sick for 3 weeks, caught an awful virus that wiped her out. her spirit leaked from her sides and her desire went with it. yes, i was ill. ill. ill. awful. my energy and enthusiasm just fell out the window and took my like and my play with it. that was my yucky awful month of march. a grey march which followed a blue february ... 2008 not starting off so wonderful.

but baby is finding her way back now. just as i started recovering, at easter i took off to western australia with some old gal pals and we just lunched it right up in margaret river and then i took off on my own and spent a week On The Road jack. baby hit the turf and kind of didn't stop. until yesterday, when she came back to sydney ... and felt good about it.

so if i have been absent from this page ... it's because i really have been away. in sydney with illness and in south western australia with play.


and just so you know, for the last week, this is what I have been looking at.

just me, myself and i. driving. music blaring. singing at the top of my lungs. sleeping in the desert. watching a blue blue sky never unravel.

i got away away and i have just started smiling again.


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