Monday, April 30, 2007

only boring people get bored

following the north coast road : madang : last saturday

hola peeps.

where i been? madang-tang-lang. lovely lovely. so so good to get out of moresby and into the place of my childhood memories. most new years eves of my childhood were spent here with family and various welcome-welcome blow-ins.

so i blew in for the weekend and was taken in by the lovely miss diver. such a goodie good host. what ensued were coastwatchers and plantations and catholic mass by a dripping statute of the virgin mary. 3 days of bilbil chicken, american beans and the most amazing chocolate cake ever(!!), pot-luck pizza, home-made yoghurt a la casa divine word, barramundi by an estuary and drinking kulau on the lip of a black sand coast. best of all was the relax. relax.

softest black sand beach : malolo plantation : yesterday

as soon as i got down from the balus my nagging doubts ran away and i sunk back into myself. with miss diver behind the wheel we managed to travel from one feeding/snorkelling/swimming place to the next. and in between i met the people that fill the life of miss diver in madang ... old people never left; new people never going to leave; some people leaving soon; some people kicking in for another holler. you get all kinds in the tropics. and by providence or fate people kind of make their families where they lay.

and we talked long and long. mostly about mutual friends and experiences. mostly about us. you know - girl talk.

so all the people who know both miss diver and i - your time is running. you best pack your bags and come quick!!

sundowner : jais aben : last saturday


Anonymous Carolyn said...

nice pics baby.

30 April, 2007 18:16  
Anonymous Carolyn said...

btw, where did you get that title from, hmmm?

30 April, 2007 18:17  
Blogger islandbaby aka ricebag said...

hola lady

you known where - melbournes take on Face Hunter ( - by some gals here:

v goooooooooooodie.


01 May, 2007 08:00  
Anonymous Manu said...

When are you gonna start using your Flickr account??

03 May, 2007 20:48  
Blogger islandbaby aka ricebag said...

flickr? site tooooo slow. me tooooo cant-be-bothered.

so my answer is - prob never.


04 May, 2007 07:13  

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