Friday, September 28, 2007

bringing summer back

yeah yeah. woke up today and the sun was streaming in and the air was warm and people everwhere were struttin like summer is coming and today i officially declare that today is the first day of an australian summer and my australian summer and for that i am so excited. ricebag is going to burn some serious rubber.

today. today. today.

today is ricebag's bondei.

v nice. v v v v nice.

and usually i am not interested in having b-days but today i am a little bit interested. i am interested in the balloons miss can-do plastered all over my office and the lindt chocolates left on my seat and the gucci sunglasses delivered to my house in blue wrapping sent express post and the pink cupcake cake and the phone calls from lovers all over and i am also looking very forwardly to this afternoon when ricebag's work-friends and friend-friends converge on the steps of the opera haus for vino and a view of the best harbour in the world.

and all on today. when an australian summer is starting.

sometimes life can be very sweet. v v v v v.

so if you are in sydney right now, right this minute, come down to the opera haus and look for an islandbaby surrounded by some smashing people with beautiful smiles, with jazz in the background, summer drinks at hand amongst a mass of post-work TGIF city-types drumming it up against the backdrop of a glittering harbour. could it get better than that??


  • 12 months ago Ricebag was sitting in Port Moresby in a cool air-conditioned shh shh office. Lots and lots of air-conditioning. Lots of shhhhhhhh, noise that is not actually noise, humming that lies just under the radar - not sure exactly what it is - leather-backed swivel seats rolling across marbled carpet; computer hard-drives whirring some electronic pah; the slick sleeves of flipping folders and files; ink-jet printers emitting paper emissaries signalling the work due now, due tomorrow, due yesterday.
  • 24 months ago to the day Ricebag was resigning from her job in another shh-shh office and about to embark on 4 months on boats and buses across the islands and highlands of this mad and awful, intense and beautiful country.
  • 36 months ago to the day Ricebag was walking down off Mt Sinai in the Sinai Desert, Egypt.
  • 48 months ago to the day Ricebag can't remember what exactly she was doing but she was with Finah in Amsterdam, camping by a river with a bunch load of bikers.
  • 60 months ago to the day Ricebag was losing her impossible love in the blue blue mountains of Enga.
  • 72 months ago to the day Ricebag was solo trekking and rescued by a missionary plane somewhere on the wrong side of the border of her home home province.

Today is only the 3rd time in the last 12 years that ricebag will be celebrating with MyMama the birth of her first born child.

I want my cake.


Anonymous 1986 said...

happy birthday ricebag!

04 October, 2007 22:04  

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