Monday, September 24, 2007


yeah yeah. summer is on her way. she is seriously about to roar into sydney.

and i am ready. i am.

today, this mild monday morning, people everywhere were wearing sunglasses. sunglasses, an ode to the lighter mornings and the stripping lunch-hour where people up and down george and across the rocks were peeling cardigans and lingering on sunned-up curbs

summer is coming. and i am ready.

weekend before last keffer took me to see tori amos. tori amos at the opera house. that chick is a musical genius with a radical sense. she kicks some serious ass and as a performer is totally mesmirising. i could only be in awe of her resoluteness.

and outside and inside the opera house people were dressed like summer is coming. and i was too. i didnt even take a coat. and i should have. coz it was chilly in the aftergloow of tori and sundown. but i felt ok coz i know i know.

i know. that i am ready.

and earlier that day lulu and woo and i drank champagne on a chilling lawn under blankets in bondi and it was all story-telling into dusk. then later that night lulu slept over and we languished and slept in and strode out to yum cha and took a looong leisurely walk up my old haunts across chinatown and down on broadway and it felt good it felt good. mostly because it was a culinary exercise spread over 6 hours. mostly because i was with lu. and also because it was png independence day (!!) and that day last year i was with another dear heart in goroka, watching history and the future collide ...

but also because. i am ready. i am.

and then last week ricebag kicked some serious shit into motion at work and it paid off and for the first time since she got here, well it just feels like ...

i am ready.

i am.


Anonymous Carolyn said...

Well done, darling. I knew you'd be ready soon. Mwah!

25 September, 2007 10:37  
Anonymous Manu said...

I like this post, takes me away from my office...if only for a moment.

08 October, 2007 04:26  

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