Wednesday, June 18, 2008

holding my breath


sorry for being away so long. been sort of holding my breath for the last 6 weeks. just kind of all legs in motion and nothing new, not much new but lots of the good same stuff. some of the things that have happened include:

  • ricebags new flattie, GoodCam, who has slotted into our house and our lives so smoothly in the always-up-to-drink-vodka-until-dawn-if-a-sad-flattie-needs-me-to kind of way
  • woo has gone to nyc to live and breathe and bake over a central park summer
  • ricebag is working daily out of one her client's offices and this means she is away from the mothership most days
  • various dinner parties and drinking parties and movie parties and afternoon and drinks and weekend drinks and night drinks
  • a weekend of dvds and duvets at The Lake with kbbaway and ren
  • movie premieres and art exhibitions and wine tastings and salsa classes
  • fundraising for the relief effort in Burma
  • etc etc
  • and and and ... ricebag. stopped. smoking. cigarettes. (yes woo - i stopped with you ... have you stopped proper?)

blahdy blah blah

the truth is ricebag is hanging in until until until ... very soon her life, her geography, her hemishpere is going to change ... and then this EveryDayNess of Sydney will be past tense.


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