Tuesday, May 31, 2005

OurHero wins

raining in town : this is a very very good day 2005 : darkening clouds precede tropical nights filled with the deep echo of rain rain rain; brown grass comes up green and long and lawnmowers grown rusty get dragged screeching out of the laundry; mosquitos multiply in man-dug ditches and empty tin cans at the edges of garden beds; the red stain of bettlenut spat here there and all over, gets washed away, washed down cement drains along with the plastic itinerant litter; for just a minute, one sweet minute, everything smells fresh ...

Today the National Court of PNG has thrown out a case against ricebag's uncle, OurHero ... finally almost 3 years of vexatious litigation ends and am so very very happy. Tonight is family time and we will bung and remember all the reasons why noone can ever cut us down ... and it's so simple ... no matter what people do to hurt us, we are such a tight unit that none of their chipping will ever dent this single body ... the material nature of these contests, these threats from the outside, they mean nothing against us when we have the love only we can give each other.

The most important thing is that this result will let OurHero, as a Member of Parliament, get on with his job and, without restraint, begin to properly administer the services to our people in our remote province, so they have access to health, transport and ameneties they are in desperate need of. That is the real victory.


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