Tuesday, October 02, 2007

told you so

told you i was bringing summer back. and it all started in bondi. with tope and a bottle of cook islands coconut oil, an old pair of bathers and a new book. yeah yeah. bondi was all skimpy summer dresses and sandleless feet. just a public holiday monday yesterday and a thousand people diving into bucket-ice water and preparing themselves for the start of a long long golden summer. oh yeah - and lots of pale skin. including mine. all with the intention of changing that status asap.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ricebag- love the way you write its straight from the heart and comming right at me. Keep up passion going

04 October, 2007 15:20  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

a lovely day indeed
l havent read your blog in awhile, l had forgotten that it is like walking into a vivid dreamscape

02 November, 2007 12:39  

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