Monday, July 21, 2008

bobbing for james

you know who you are. and if you have come to my blog, then please don't think me depressive. i am not. but i can be deep. sometimes i fall into my own well and forget about sunlight. and then thank god for family and friends. because they remind me that i am fun!! and funny and lovely and loving and shirty and skirty and sometimes i pinch but i always always kiss.

i'm no blank slate. i walked across the roof of the world alone illegal. i slept one amongst 40 million in open air prayer. i died on the river. i lived on a mountain. i've worked in some of the world's schmickest office's in some of the world's schmickest cities. i was born of a village without running water or electricity from a province without roads and from a country without women in parliament.

and i am a big girl now. which means sometimes i say big girls things. like i expect a man to be the man he says he is. and i know when he isn't. then i do all kinds of little girl things. like wash his dishes. and fall in love.



Blogger bamsandted said...

hey you...your woo misses you.
no more work?
are you free and easy and writing novels yet?
tell me something...bc i sure do miss you and i don't think i will see you in london or sydney or any colonial town...and then maybe it will be years again...but i think maybe it won't be...there will always be russia. love to you.

23 July, 2008 08:33  
Blogger islandbaby aka ricebag said...


will never be years again. my promise.

me still workity. hello. i am certified member of the proletariat ... sometimes this revelation is utterly depressing ... mostly i accept it keeps me fed and fad.

i got a serious email to write you. shall do so this weekend.

sending you bear hugs


24 July, 2008 10:13  
Blogger sweta said...

do you have a man?? is that y i haven't heard from U? rule no 1 - never diss yum cha with the GF's for a man! rule no 2 - we will never feel like we're ever grown up. from theemancipationofswethie

25 July, 2008 10:55  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My friend, where are you? It has been so long, too long. Are you well? What is your email? Get in touch. jfx

25 July, 2008 11:08  
Blogger bamsandted said...

ok....bated breath awaiting xxxxxx

29 July, 2008 02:54  
Blogger DC Collyer said...

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