Monday, July 25, 2005

hubba hubba ... shazza-zulu

... and if my kooky family really want me to settle down with mr perfect, they can bag me the beoooooooootiful Gary Dourdan. The only negative aspect that I can think of (out of a bliss-filled, physically-charged, glossy, physical, Golden-Globes award-attending, step-mummy to his two brats, extremely physical, down-home Hollywood, steamy hooooot .... marriage) is the fact that I will be connected FOREVER to someone called GAZ!

Oh well. Will just have to quash revolt when I turn over every morning to find Mr Body Beautiful Face Perfect in bed on the Right Side! (Please note I intend to pop out several puppies PRONTO as I am well it will be my public duty to preserve the best genes of our species ... )

*hubba hubba ... gaz/shaz*

PS all moles get your dirty hands off - just because you're all csi followers DONT give ya no rights - I was perving on Gazza years and years ago pre-training bras when I was still going nightie-night with hot milky milo, a prayer and a quick check for the goblin under the bed ... back in the days of the spin-off of Dr Huxtable/Bill Cosby's show, "A Different World" ... when Gary was known as ... SHAZZA ZULU (can you believe??!!) - and we thought Gaz was bad. And even then I loved him so ... goes to show - it must be true lust!


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