Tuesday, December 12, 2006

potter potter

Hola peeps.

Whats up? Been bit of a whirlwind since returning from Canberra-ra-ra. Xmas parties and leaving parties and dinners and drinks and drinks and drinks. Partied hard on Saturday at the lovely Pink U's house up up on a windy terrace in town. From vodka jellies to vodka slush to vodka lemonades ... greena and red themed sushi ... hand-made xmas hats and crowns ... lots of yummy food and even better friends - it was a fun one!! Even made it out to lamana until closing - always a sign of random rightness with the world.

Last night had dinner with a friend and then went to work and THEN went on a bit of a date altho I didn't realize it was a date until the end when the lovely-boy did try his luck on ricebag. Let's just say he didn't get exactly what he was looking for. But nice try!

Talking of Men. Feeling so much better these days - claiming bit of my power back!! Weekend b4 last ricebag was at a charity event and one young-man from last year (who caused some misery for a while there) was there. Ricebag and young-man hadn't seen or spoken to each other for over 6 months and I have to say, when I saw him I got ... NADA ... no goosbumps, no hot flush, no nothing. Just bliss, thankyou very much. SO SO SO nice when you know you are over it. And even better this time because it was really something that had no promise - just a lust-on-lust thing. And the sweetest thing is he was throwing me his sexy little smile and I just flicked it off. Hope he gets that he don't hold no power over me no more.

And then on Saturday at Lamanex there was the golden-beard-boy. Someone from years ago who keeps haunting me. Well I put that one well and truly to rest. Explained that he'd missed his boat and I have to say that crushing him felt good good good to me - sorry mate. But you really deserve it. And I had to kill your hopes, coz there was absolutely NO WAY.

So so so. In my relatively desert-love-life, I find that I am pretty ok withOUT a lover or a boyf or a boyf-lover. I mean, it's Moresby after all. And I am not going to wish someone out of thin bloody air. I mean, if someone wants to be with me, they should stake their claim. Coz if they wait, like golden-beard-boy, then they'll miss their chance ... or if they don't make their intentions clear like lovely-boy then ricebag is not in-the-know and she needs to know too ... and if they just rely on their sexiness like young-man to keep me hanging, then they'll find out that ricebag doesn't do hanging-on.

So I don't have any huge standards or list or whatever. All I ask is for a decent boy-man who can make me laugh and try hard not to make me cry. Who thinks I am sexy and lets me know it. And most of all, likes me and most of all, I like him too. That's about it. I don't need to do the falling-in-love hard-and-fast routine. Been there. But what I'd really like is a lover, not necessarily the Great Love. Do you get it?

Until then, I am quite happy to potter on in my celibate way. Potter potter. Potter.


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