Friday, November 24, 2006

always bet on black

Wow. Today has been one of those days! I tell you ... but ain't nuthin going to get me down because this week has definitely been absolutely ten stars in what has been (let's face it) a not so amazing year in the life of.

So why so good?

Let's just say good old tax-cheat Wesley Snipes got it right when he said "always bet on black". That's right baby. I AM BLACK. My skin is black and it is glowing honey, baby-bum smooth and I feel like a panther baby, stalking and walking and feeling pretty okay in my solo universe.

So good coz I exited Cairns early Monday morn and returned blackity black black-skinned baby and I my skin feels warm and my heart does too and I feel strong and it feels so good to feel like ME again!! Like I got it back. Somehow. Some magical how.

So yeah-yeah it might have had something to do with the long longer hours spent sunning along the incomparable 14-mile stretch of Mission Beach ... hanging a la hammock with vino and pals staring across the rainforest canopy as it falls into the sea ... kissing a lovely Dan-boy under cover of a million stars around a midnight bonfire on the beach no less!! ... lovely Dan at the wrap-party for a film-crew with some quasi-famous Aussie celebs in the mix ... kayaking out to Dunk Island and back and around and surrounds ... getting down Tully River in style ... yeah yeah. Sun and splash and a good old pash and all of that. Not so bad. Not so bad.

Then I return to work and to png-land to find I have been rewarded with my first BONUS ever - that's right - for outstanding work on this major project which I have been pretty much Master & Commander of these last 4 months. Wow. And it's very nice just before xmas. Not to mention a good old boost for the self esteem. Then I find out that my name has been published in an international journal for being good good worker-bee on another project and it's about to be published again! So what can we say? We can say that hard work pays off I guess.

Mosey mosey mosey.

So I feel real good in my skin right now. Not fabulous, but like I fit inside myself again. And feeling that way even makes me like myself again. and that is good good good.

Love you lovers.

And don't forget, Blade or no Blade - Always Bet On Black.



Anonymous Carolyn said...

Hey luv, good to have you back! Hooray, I'm glad that you're finally being recognised, always knew you were fantastic! Mwah!

28 November, 2006 11:31  

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