Tuesday, March 06, 2007

missing mymama

I miss MyMama. Missing!!

She rang me at 4am today (hello people - 4am!!) ... and we talked for ... ages.

MyMama has been gone long way south now for just over 2 months. And I miss her. And it doesn't matter that we've been consistently apart since she left me at the boarding house that very long long January day when I was only 10 - I miss her as much now as I did throughout my boardng school years, throughout my burgeoning years, my blossoming ones and the bitchy ones. Before, I missed her because she didn't get to witness some of the most meaningful events of my life ... now I miss her because I don't get to witness hers and really, because I need her. I need her to remind me who I am when I forget and to tell me my baby stories and to hold my cheeks in her hands and I need her support and her love her love her love.

What has changed is that I am much better now at coping without her - but I still miss her. Muchly. Like every day in some little way that reminds me that there are some things that only mums know how to make better.


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