Monday, May 28, 2007

wahu fili & wahine : a weekend in tufi

Hey lovers

Don't hate me coz I went to Tufi last weekend.

Please don't hate me for playing with the 3 loveliest lasses, Lux, Son and Tope at Cape Nelson, in a corner of Oro Province on the lip of a majestic fjord, fringed by reef and rainforest ... for sipping marguerita mixers and Rob's red wine on our little hut's balcony overlooking the Tufi station wharf and falling into the entrance to the Interior due west straight to the Kokoda Track ... for striking out with Son in the canoe and following the mangrove estuary from the edge of the rippling reef ... for feeding the cuscus black tea and for not getting past page 3 of the latest Patricia Cornwell ... for fishing for Sea Bass and catching Pacific Blue Fin Tuna and Wahu ... for diving into the ocean off Cyclone Reef in the middle of the Solomon Sea without land insight ... for sleeping like a baby under the netted cosy of Room 4 with the the morning sun from the mountains peering through my thatched walls ... for staring at the flanking slopes of Mount Trafalgar overlooking sheer rock faces that plunge into the fjord ... for picking lobster from my teeth and eating coconut orange biscuits on a windswept inlet this side of absolutely remote ... for rubbing cocoa butter into my skin to relieve the sunburn from an afternoon spent passed out on the bow of the good ship Raka, making its way back to the coast after fishing the open sea ... for stepping out on my balcony every other second and being completely awed by the vista of mountains and rainforest rushing inland from the smattering reef ... for trading stories for futures at the long bar and swatting mozzies with tapa ... for reacquainting with Tracy Chapman and falling into slumber to the night-sounds of night-birds and night-frogs and nightly-geckos and all the worlds of night-butterflies they inhabit ... for sitting in the rumble of the Twin Otter and watching the ancient mountains and the hornet vallies and tropical jungles from a thousand miles in the air ... for doing all of this and knowing - only in PNG.

the edge of the world from the flank of the twin otter
steps to a hut don't even begin to tell me I am not wild a boy on the side of a village of 12 the dive instructor and the army man survey cape vogel lighthouse from the bow of raka the view from my balcony ... utterly mesmirising oro's edge fringed by reef a balcony with a view for margueritas and mornings coral coral and fish fish fish ... cyclone reef a thousand miles out to sea
catching sashimi for dinner
how can I describe asbsolute bliss
just a little beachwith a straw daybed and mama opeing her arms to the girls
a bed fit for an islandbaby spot the village
tufi on the side


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Photos of Tufi look great.How did you find Tufi.
I visited Tufi some years ago and it was fanatastic,tranquil and peaceful.
Great place for snorkerling.
What was your experience of Tufi.

29 May, 2007 05:06  
Anonymous BabySister said...

So pretty. I wish I could have been home to enjoy it with you instead of my 2 by 4.

03 June, 2007 00:20  
Anonymous Christine Copland said...

Your travels & writing are inspiring as always.

04 June, 2007 17:55  
Blogger islandbaby aka ricebag said...

tufi was magic.

and so are you babys and chris.

07 June, 2007 08:02  

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