Thursday, August 04, 2005

japan calling

*woodblock : hoda coast : ara province : japan*

Konnichiwa. Ohayou-gozaimasu. Oai-deki-te ureshii-desu. Ogenki desu-ka.

Japan Calling : BabySister lives in central Tokyo-yo-yo ... and am missing her so so so.

Even though "officially" started the rest of my life ... am el-keeno to post-pone this massive bit of growing-up and jump on plane and visit my lovely-love. Spend 3 months on her couch, drinking lots of cheap beer from vending machines; smoking chocolate-tasting ciggies; chowing udon & copious amounts of raw filleted fresh fresh food; checking out young Japanese and the styles of the future; spending many many joyous hours in stationary shops (know what I mean if you know muji); spending even more joyous hours perving on the perfect aesthetic of Japanese life, of art and architecture, landscaping and the (almost unintentional yet sublime) design element in every aspect of living ... the Japanese poetry and art of life; teaching bits of engrish on the side to chuff up my karaoke-nights-account; waiting for the riotous cherry blossom season and all that compulsory sake; overdosing on the iron chef; telling longlong stories with my long-lost sister etc etc etc

sashimi, sushimi, migi, mae, hokkaido-do, shinjuku-ku ... see what I mean-mean ...

Arigatou-gozaimasu. Sayounara. Mata ashita.


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