Monday, October 03, 2005

ricebag quits her job today

shhhhhh it's still not officially official for a few hours yet ...

So relief sweeps over ricebag. 6 months exactly since she started at this firm ... and taking a break. As you may or may not know, it's a little complicated so some time out won't hurt.

They don't want me to go, definitely do not want ricebag to leave ... but ricebag needs must

So ... my family too sigh a little relief ... more ricebag around for them ... I was worried they'd be feeling that ricebag still isn't 'settled' but rather, they've shown me up again - they can see there is just 'more' to ricebag ... that office-sitting isn't just a way to pay the day, it's killing her best-ness when she isn't making the most of every single thing she calls her product. So ... really, they get me. They might not understand me. But somewhere along the way when I was away, they began to understand I am not an animal easily fed ... that somewhere I also started to accept that the tiger within needs harder surfaces to scratch than the surface we see.

This is my last week. Then I'll be on a jet plane, not sure when I'll be back again ... off to Lae and Wabag and other parts known. Got some catching up to do and bits and pieces to take care of and some unfinished business to finish.

On another note, my heart goes to those in Bali who are affected by what happened on Saturday night.

Almost exactly a year ago I was crossing the border from Israel to Egypt when half the Hilton at the border crossing was blown away.

The threat of an act or acts of terrorism surround us every day. I really believe the best way to combat them is to keep going on in the face of it. That the real damage is the way it alters our freedom every day in every way, if we let it. Take the right precautions, as ever, but keep on going on.


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