Wednesday, May 03, 2006

woo-tang a la sydney

Do you remember when I told you why I love woo?? I do. Miss you woo-tang tang. And love you too.

Woo sent me a little email and I am reproducing it here coz I love her emails which sound like the inside of my head.

hey ricebag,

how are you going since returning?

sydney is just the same - i bet you are wanting to know...all fucking go and not enough sleep but too many cigarettes and what the fuck am i going to do with no money but most importantly NO TIME...yeah that is fucking SYDNEY.


ma and pa well - pearsy a little on edge and not listening and doesn't know that all her big sister wants is for her to be happy..well she knows but doesn't understand..refuses to believe that big sisters are born with protective and hurting hearts for their best fucking sucks when you can't do anything at all.

anyway send me some news...was great to have you in bondi!!! lukim yu im home blong yu (a little pidgin come german come english..) love you,

love woo xxx

In response woo ...

  • I know you coming islandbaby way ... png-way ... your cot on the verandah is ready ... the cordial is on ice ... the mangoes are in the tub ... the paki fags are in my shoe box ... the many many markets are waiting for your hobbling ... lots of bilums for you to steal ... lots of babies to be photographed ... and loads of SP Beerage to be had ... lots of ricebag family to be hugged and friends to be met ... pot-holed roads to be navigated; fiords to be kayaked; mountains to be seen from the back of a ute-with-wings; plantations to be sport fished; festivals, sing-sings, masks, people, dancing, kulcha lady; islands to be fallen in love with and smore smore smore than I can say.
  • As for sisters ... I totally 100% am getting you here ... we, you and I, are the eldest of 2 girls, and being the elder, it leaves me completely stupefied why BabySister has managed to navigate her way through life, deliberately (unsconsciously or otherwise) listening to every other persons advice rather than MY own (which was given in love!!) God knows I've done some things, seen some things, broken a few hearts, had mine kicked in and more ... you'd think I'd be the nearest, best shoulder ... but nah ... for some reason, it dudn't heppen thet whey ... who knows ... some sort of inner rebellion - that living down an older sibling thing?? ... or what. I dunno. For ricebag - always a struggle - wanting to be best friend to your babysister who you couldnt love more than anything else ... being getting rebuffed again and again until you start to let go little and little and little ... maybe for good ... maybe for sad. And I think doesn't she know I would eat cut glass for her ... doesn't she know how she can hurt me faster than anyone ... that she has that much power over me ... And then every once in a while there is a perfect moment where she lets that guard down and I get to play BigSister and she lets me know just how much I mean to her and its like its supposed to be ... once in a while.
  • In other news POM is swimming along ... Sydney was a break ricebag REEEEEEALLY needed ... But I also realised - I have moved on ... Its like when you’ve been in love with someone and then you cling to the idea/memory of that love for AGES, imagining its still real or a real part of you ... And then you revisit that person in some way and its no longer REAL anymore ... it's just ... it's a part of the past I guess. And that’s how I feel about Sydney. So I am kind of sad but also relieved - didn’t want to be living in PNG feeling like my real life was going on without me in another country!!


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