Friday, March 09, 2007

the office

Hola peeps.

So some of you been wondering what ricebag does all day. Other than staring out my window at the glittering harbour ...

Ok. Been back BACK in this country almost 2 years and in an actual real office for the last 12 months ... an office where I turn up and work and where I like turning up and I like working (yikes). Lots and lots of air-conditioning. Lots of shhhhhhhh, noise that is not actually noise, humming that lies just under the radar - not sure exactly what it is - leather-backed swivel seats rolling across marbled carpet; computer hard-drives whirring some electronic pah; the slick sleeves of flipping folders and files; ink-jet printers emitting paper emissaries signalling the work due now, due tomorrow, due yesterday .

Haven't been in a proper shh shh office as a permanent worker bee for like ... ever ... and am just now getting that the shh shh isn't just inside my head.

This week through my shh shh office ricebag:

  • tuesday: perved on the waterboys replacing the weekly glugglug machine right outside my door
  • thursday: was mesmirized by the intense black clouds converging from the sea and bringing in horizontal rain that came crashing against my window-wall. beautiful.
  • tuesday: drove straight to OurHero's house after work for a feed with the family and LAX and to be reminded without words how loved I am whilst being given the spanish inquisition on all current affairs in the life of ricebag
  • friday: was harassed by a pmv full of pmv-people who pounded on the top of my ancient nissan sunny battleaxe as the old bat stalled in the middle of morning traffic ... all a ricebag could do was holler
  • monday: speaking of which, the battleaxe has decided to stop co-operating and now the engine cuts out every time I am driving in 1st or 2nd gear - I cannot tell you how dangerous this is, except to say I really did have a near-death experience about 20 minutes ago on my way back to work from lunchie (don't worry, the car is going into shop on Monday) and am still be shakey
  • tuesday: cleaned my office from top corner to bottom corner in my high heels (the first time in 6 months - spring-cleaning I mean, not the in-heels bit)
  • yesterday: went down to the ground floor to visit my dentist of 18 years so he could drill another hole in my skull
  • thursday: had a press conference with the British High Commissioner for a wee thing for ricebag
  • thursday: thanked the French High Commissioner for the vintage champagne and gazpacho at his house the night before
  • wednesday: snuck out to buy a watermelon (FRESH!! yumyum) for friendly bbq
  • mon, tues, wed: ate oreo biscuits at my desk for morning tea until wednesday when they ran out
  • today: had lunch in the cafeteria across the road and yelled at the VERY VERY ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude Chinese lady who was SO RUUUUUUUUUUDE.
  • monday: the cramel strap on my caramel slides broke so hopped one-legged to the boy on the buai corner outside my building who stitches shoes for less than a dollar
  • yesterday: sent an email to all the ravos confirming xmas in july

And in between I managed to do some stuff that I actually get paid to do.


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