Friday, November 02, 2007

just october


all my personal correspondences (read: email & textmail & voicemail) start with the word "ooooooh" these days.


wow. october was a hectic month. HECTIC. my Beautiful Girls from PNG came down and we stirred some shit and struck up a few fires and fell in Friend all over again and it was just a beaut 2 weeks. I felt SAFE.

i dont know how else to say it. but i knew i would didn't i tell you?

so yeah. we played and ate and played some more and ate even more. we sunned it up and legged it around and danced a bit and prayed a bit and it was all promises and futures and the kind of giving that families do, not friends and so they re-ju-ven-at-ed me.

and then they left me. back. they left me back. while they flew back home. to pom.

so here i sat. and played 22 for a while. and its been fun.

riecebag has been one Serious Social Butterfly. baby. from sunday fishing on the harbour with little brothers of old friends and baby showers with beautiful mommies, from long leisurely 5 hour wednesday lunches at Watsons Bay to poetry readings in little dark theaters filled with affection; engagement parties on fairy-lit lawns in well-heeled burbs to naughty cones in the park; champagne breakfasts with ancient friends and beery afternoons with newer ones; old faces and older faces; festivals in the park with jazz on the corner and capoeria in the shade; a bottle of rose and balcony over the edge of history; boys met 7 years ago and boys met in the lift; juggling work and wise and the commute and the walk and the stalk and the drive and the thrive; dinner parties in bellevue hill with publishers and dancers and bowling in blacktown with MyMama and her crew; tuvalu on my corner and coconut bread in my local caf; twinkling lights above my head and a book a boy wrote for me to read; pubs called the rose and beers called yum with fried whiting and sunny hi; and all the time the same backdrop ... sydney.

ricebag has been a Whirlwind Of Play. just october.


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