Thursday, March 02, 2006

i have i have i have

Tigger outfits ... Barbie backpacks ... twirling skirts ... that's how you know it's all in the pink.

I have 3 nieces. The daughters of two of my first cousins - CRU and Muzz. And they are the loves of my last summer ... my long-time away was spent mooning and glowing and playing and being crabby and lovey and big aunty ricebag.

God they killed me! I sit here dead and gone from sheer joy at their complete insouciance, their bubbling voices and edifying faith in me and the ones they call theirs.

And didn't you know that baby-sitting/mummying is a serious full-time job. And I love you JA with your third on the way ... thinking of you in Newcastle and knowing all the way over here what a wonderful job you're doing.

Never having spent real time with little kids, these past months were strange and beautiful and rejuvenating. And exhausting! Baby angels can be hard work ... lots of dancing on mattresses; playing stuck-in-the-mud- monster; being mermaid in the pool; making cupcakes and lemonade; feeding the peacocks; hiding the snooker balls; turning off(!!) Nickelodeon; cutting out paper butterflies on saki paper; playing basketball with wings; singing a whole new generation into bananarama ... and that's just at home! ... for me the best part was sleeping together, all cubs lined under my wing, fists and legs and hugging night-time arms all askew ... yes, it's not science, it's just play. Play.

But what got me the most was how much it hurts letting them love you. Thats what really killed me!


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