Friday, October 07, 2005


bee-hives : minapin pakistan 2004 : golden villages in crevices along karokoram mountain valleys : bee-keeper babies and orange groves

Just finished this really, this incredibly annoying book about bees and this 14 year old girl in South Carolina during the civil rights movement ... yadda yadda yadda ... the book is ... "Secret Life of Bees" ... BY Some Totally Annoying Self-Satisfied Bob-Cut Mousy-Looking Brown-Nosing AVERAGE-Writing Mrs ... and the incredible hype & popularity of the book are inexplicable to me ... and I think it comes down to the nice little purple hard-cover and the nifty smaller, compact, so-easy to drop-in-your-hand-bag size ... go figure. It does shit me. Just ones of those things that shits ricebag.

Talking of shit, a friend of mine is a funny old gel, miss can-can, and she came up with this term:

Shiterature: Reading matter that gathers around the toilet; usually the Sunday supplements, old magazines and comics that you can't bear to throw out, and books that you can never quite seem to finish.

Clearly this book about bees was not shiterature (most unfortunate but due to the techincality that I did actually finish it). It was just shit.


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