Thursday, June 07, 2007


my good friend, my all-time gal, my bum-chum and weekend hang .. lux o, got engaged. yes you did lux. that's what that diamond ring means and everything. and to celebrate we piled the various trucks full of lux's people and me last weekend and drove up to crystal rapids in sogeri. and there we did the things people do at crystal - bbq cray and burger and swim and paddle and make like shandy at the tip of the beginning of the kokoda track where the roads out of port moresby end and the rest of png begins.

what can i tell you about lux? lux loves me. i love you too lux!! you're my big sister and i am so happy that you are happy and i am so glad when you are glad. thankyou for taking me into your life and throwing the doors wide open. your friendship means so much and our shared history saw me literally survive my first year in port moresby. what can i say gal? i will always be there if you need me. i so am proud to be your friend.

on the freeway out of port moresby

on the road into moutnains out past sogeri hydro just another vista
a creek : sogeri national park
people live along the way
driving the slope into crystal rapids
beautiful canoe boy by the river
the smooth top of crystal rapids before the downhill flush


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