Monday, July 21, 2008

bobbing for james

you know who you are. and if you have come to my blog, then please don't think me depressive. i am not. but i can be deep. sometimes i fall into my own well and forget about sunlight. and then thank god for family and friends. because they remind me that i am fun!! and funny and lovely and loving and shirty and skirty and sometimes i pinch but i always always kiss.

i'm no blank slate. i walked across the roof of the world alone illegal. i slept one amongst 40 million in open air prayer. i died on the river. i lived on a mountain. i've worked in some of the world's schmickest office's in some of the world's schmickest cities. i was born of a village without running water or electricity from a province without roads and from a country without women in parliament.

and i am a big girl now. which means sometimes i say big girls things. like i expect a man to be the man he says he is. and i know when he isn't. then i do all kinds of little girl things. like wash his dishes. and fall in love.